Two Workshops Accepted

We are happy to announce the following two workshops that are held adjacent to the main conference. They provide a forum for researchers to discuss special interest areas within mobile data management:

Workshop on Managing Health Information in Mobile Applications (HIMoA)

• Andreas Lorenz
• Christoph Quix
• Sandra Geisler

A growing number of citizens desire to be empowered with applications for healthcare in daily life. Managing health information, automatic filtering of data, data analysis, mining and reasoning are crucial issues for the success of mobile healthcare applications. Failure to discover relevant events, misinterpretation, reasoning errors, or flawed filtering have a high risk of causing harmful effects to the person's health. The workshop therefore aims to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners to present, share and discuss insights, advances and challenges related to discovery, representation, storage and application of relevant health information to support well-being in daily life of mobile users.

Semantic-based Opportunistic Data Management (SODM)

• Michele Ruta
• Eugenio Di Sciascio
• Michele Ruta
• Roberto De Virgilio

Recently, research attention is being progressively shifting from data organization and representation to integration and management of the huge amount of information available elsewhere. Hence, the Web has evolved from a global information space of linked documents to a highly pervasive collection including resources that can be identified (by means of URIs), semantically described (in machine understandable formats), wirelessly connected and finally discovered. The so-called Internet of Things extends canonical Web paradigms because it results from the integration and collaboration of a plethora of small volatile entities each one providing and requiring a portion of knowledge. According to this assumption and borrowing from the Semantic Web ideas, the first edition of the International Workshop on “Semantic-based Opportunistic Data Management” (SODM) will discuss about issues related to data management in the Internet of Things era, proposing new and opportunistic models, languages and applications able to cope with unpredictability, decentralization and resource scarcity featuring ubiquitous computing.