About Luleå

Luleå is an exciting city with beautiful nature situated in the far north of Sweden. The city is full of contrast - having warm and sunny summers and cold winters with lots of snow. In Luleå you will find the metropolitan abundance and pulse as well as the small town´s quality of life. See weather forecast.

Northern harbour Luleå
Photo Lena Nilsson


Short facts about Luleå

I72 751 inhabitants (2005-12-31) The Luleå region, including the neighbouring municipalities, has 170.000 inhabitants.

  • Sweden´s 25th largest municipality (population).
  • The land area of the municipality amounts to 2.110 square kilometres.
  • Founded in 1621 in the surroundings of the medieval church in Gammelstad.
  • Moved to its current position in 1649.
  • The Centre of the County of Norrbotten - a fourth of Swedens´s surface.
  • One of Sweden´s largest harbours.
  • Metallurgic centre with a large steel industry and advanced research.
  • A well diversified commercial and industrial life.
  • Sweden´s first technical university - Luleå Technical University - with approximately 11.000 students.
  • Aurorum Science Park with 60 businesses located in connection to the University.
  • Kallax Airport - the fifth largest domestic airport in Sweden.
  • Communication Centre in the Barents region.
  • Kallax Cargo - international freight airport with the longest runway in Sweden.


Map of Luleå »»

Welcome to the hometown of Luleå University of Technology and the Centre for Distance-spanning Technoogy ! >



How to get here

You can get to Luleå by air, rail and coach. Several airlines use Luleå Airport , which is less than 10 km from the centre of Luleå. Luleå Airport has 12 flights daily to and from Stockholm, and flying time is only 80 minutes. By train you go by SJ , the railway station is located in the centre of Luleå. For travelling around in Luleå, Luleå Lokaltrafik (LLT) has buses that all converge on Smedjegatan in the town centre. There are also a number of taxi companies and car rental companies at your service. For travel in the archipelago, Luleå has scheduled boat traffic. There are many boats, which in many cases can be chartered by groups. There are also a number of ways to travel to and from the rest of Norrbotten County. The county travel organisation Länstrafiken has connections with all the major communities in the county, and if you are travelling farther, there are train and plane route to speed you on your way. Choose from the drop down menu below the photos to find out more about how to travel to and within Luleå and Norrbotten.


What you can do here

There is much to see and experience in and around Luleå, for example our World Heritage Site, Gammelstad Church Town: a unique setting preserved for posterity, Teknikens Hus, a science centre which is one of the most popular attractions in Norrbotten, Norrbotten Museum, the county museum for a quarter of Sweden (by area), Sights in Luleå »»

Luleå is situated in the Swedish Lapland

In Swedish Lapland there are high mountains and wide forests, stone age settlements and an ice hotel, expansive wilderness and lively cities. Immerse yourself in thrilling adventure, magical culture, fascinating nature, vibrant festivals and much more. We recommend you to take the chance to visit the land of midnigh-sun and the unspoiled wilderness. Read more »»